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Gapless curved landscape walls?

Benson Shaw

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Curved, serpentine landscape walls can be made via the Landscape Wall Arc and Landscape Wall Bez tools, or via a polyline with the Create Objects from Shapes command. Often, a serpentine or spiraling series of curved Landscape Walls will have small gaps where they are not quite tangent or not quite joined, even when created from a polyline in tangent arc mode. Arcs can be moved and rotated, but that's tedious. Aligning ends of two Bez walls and maintaining tangency plus desired direction is, um, impossible?

Anyone have tips to create a gapless, tangent series of curved landscape walls?

Is there a process similar to architectural Wall Join or Component Join to "heal" gaps in landscape walls?

Extrude Along Path is another route, but that does not have the OIP adjustment fields, auto graders for site model, etc.



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