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Any Suggestions for Making 'Estimated' Site Model?

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Application Version: 2015 SP2


iMac OS X 10.9, 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7,

Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3;

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB.

Customer Name: Luke Gilmer

I've got a design with four small buildings, multiple patios, a road, and long retaining walls. I've got many actual xyz points of data, but not enough for a useful site model. I know the finish levels for each building site, retaining wall surfaces, patios, roads, etc. The site is about 1/4 acre in size.

I want to generate an 'estimated' site model without having a full site survey.

My first attempt was to draw contour lines and enter them. Result: I'm horrible at drawing contours that function well. Hills and valleys exist in the resulting site model that don't exist; and when I use site modifiers to 'tamp down' or 'elevate' the problem areas, I end up with really strange surfaces in-between retaining edges.

My second attempt was to 'add' 3D loci all over. What a horribly time consuming process.

Current Plan: I've generated extruded pads for building sites, yards, patios, roads, etc (-1 inch thick) and placed them so their top surfaces are at correct elevations, and for some objects like roads, also at correct slopes. I also have an entire extruded plane for the entire property, tilted and elevated 'correctly' for an estimated site model.

* I will be cutting out from the property extrusion the other pads for buildings, patios, roads, etc.

* I will Create a Drape Surface over all.

* I'd like to added an array of 3D loci over the drape (place an array at z=0, then send to drape surface).

* Then I can use these 3D loci to generate my 'estimated' site model.

* If the drape doesn't work, I might try extracting from my all my extruded pads top-surfaces nurbs surfaces, and try to add combine these into a surface. But how can I efficiently place thousands of 3D loci on such a surface?

Has anybody done anything like this ... and have any words of advice? I've already gone down many wrong paths and I've used way too many hours trying to get this done (no luck with first attempt at nurbs curves, to nurbs surfaces, to extraction tool, to 3D polygon conversions, etc).

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Or, just as easy, place a Stake Object, or a 3d Locus, at each known point. Make sure to set the correct Z value (elevation) for each Stake or Locus. The select the Stakes (or loci) and run Create Site Model.

NOTE: in order for this to be useful you will probably need to add four (somewhat imaginary) corner/boundary Stakes. That way the extent of the resulting Site Model will cover an area slightly larger than the project...

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