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Kevin McAllister

Cameras and Viewports


As per this thread -


I would like to see the implementation of the camera / viewport link to be reworked so the cameras remain in the design layers even when linked to a sheet layer viewport. I would also like a camera to be able to be linked to multiple viewports.


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On the idea of cameras...

It would also be nice if you could create a camera based on the current view. That is, you could be walking around with the walkthrough tool in perspective OpenGL, find a view that you like, then create a camera that replicates the view you're seeing. You would then be able to use the additional parameters of the camera tool for further adjustments. It would just be a more interactive way of setting up a camera. :)

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It would also be nice if you could create a camera based on the current view.


This is similar to Saved View, but enhanced with camera settings and association with Viewport?


Camera object visibility control (the camera, not the camera view) from Visibility Palette (checkmark to show/hide), Layer/Class designation. I think I would probably put all my cameras on a Camera layer.

Maybe even new Camera tabs in the Navigation and Organization Palettes could be useful with access or checkmarks for locating and show/hide camera, edit the name, edit the view or other settings, etc.


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Submitting requests now:

1) Ability to link a camera to multiple viewports while having it remain in the design layers. Changes to this camera should push to the viewports. This should also allow the user to manually add/remove linked viewports individually.

2) Create Camera from current view (Pretty sure this one is already submitted but ill check)

3) Camera section in the Navigation (or maybe Visualization?) palette, letting users turn the visibility of the camera object on/off separate from classes or layers.

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