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Why does the view change after I change to a different design layer?

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Maybe I'm missing a config setting?

I'm working in top plan view, zoomed in to a part of the floor plan. (Unified View is on. All design layers are the same scale.) When I change to a different design layer, the view centers on the page and I have to scroll around and find the part of the plan I was working on.

Is there a way to change layers without moving the view???

(Hoping this is just another 'duh' moment.)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This SHOULD be controlled by Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Center on Objects after View Change. Altering that setting may fix the issue for you.

However, some users, including myself on one of my machines, intermittently get a seemingly random view change upon switching between design layers, or switching to/from sheet layers which is not supposed to happen at all. This has been submitted as an issue to be corrected

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Thanks, Jim. I thought so, too, but changing the 'Center on Objects' setting doesn't fix it.

I get the unwanted view changes consistently when I change the active layer. Mine always centers the screen (blue internal origin marker is displayed on my machine) but doesn't change the zoom factor.

Still looking for solution.

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Update: It must be related to the file in some way. Maybe it's corrupted. When I open another file, I don't get the problem.

In fact, changing the Display Preference while i'm in the good file to 'center on objects after view change', the good file does not recenter the display when I change the active design layer.

Any suggestions for 'un-corrupting' a file?

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I have the same problem here especially when working with and within Viewports.

If I go to edit annotations and then, whilst still in 'edit annotations', go to 'edit design layer' the view changes to the middle of no-where and I have to scroll out and then back in just to find where I was!


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