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Object in two classes


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I use the drop down menu in the OIP to change their class to the new class I want them in, but when I turn off the visibility of the "original" class that the objects were in i.e. that I copied them from, they still go invisible, even if the class I changed them to in the OIP is still on. So they seem to be stuck in the class I copied them from, even when I change their class in the OIP.

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Hi David,

What type of objects are they? If they're groups or symbols, usually they will also be affected by the classes of the objects within them.

When you deselect everything and reselect one of the objects you changed, does it show the new class in the OIP?

Often people have trouble getting things to turn off and its usually because the objects are in the active class, which is visible even if its turned off. Your problem seems to be the opposite.

Can you post a sample file here? Have you tried pasting the objects you're having trouble with into a new document and changing them there, just to make sure its not a quirk with your current file?


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The geometry inside the symbol is in the class 3d-truss. The symbol itself is in the class RII-Truss.

Either edit the geometry inside the symbol to be in the none class or the RII-Truss class or delete the 3d-truss class and in the dialog box assign all the objects in the 3d-truss class to the none or RII-Truss class.



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