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Spotlight Shutters consistently crashing 2015


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So, it appears that the virtual shutters in Spotlight 2015 are not ready for prime time.

I find that when moving the focussed, shuttered fixture (sometimes) crashes VW 2015. Or when moving the Focus Point the same behavior occurs.

I (want to) use the shutters for proof-of-concept renders, very useful tool when it works, but the downtime and frustration I have experienced with this feature has been heartbreaking.

I have attached a file (foo3) containing a light, a focus point object and that's it.

I have found that it crashes as reliably as the full blown stage sets and lighting I design.

If I am doing something which promotes the bad behavior above, I'd love to know, because this feature is important to me.

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Hmm. That's cool.

But: Just for fun I just downloaded the file above and opened VW 2015 SP2 and moved the focus point and BAM! Crash-Ola.

For those who are interested, I have attached the crash report (Foo3_crashreport.txt)

Any thoughts?

thx & happy holidays

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Josh, yes it does and I am enjoying the use for planning purposes already. But for rendering, I am out in the cold (or do I mean dark or both), unless/until you provide configurable light emitting sources to go with your wonderful shuttering tools.

Can't wait!

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Beam Draw 4 includes an option to show a rendering light (BD3 did as well, but it didn't work as smoothly). Beam draw masks the light with any shutter cuts. As with Spotlight, the light appears in the Visualization palette, and you need to render in a Renderworks mode to see the shutters.

BD4 also transfers and (optionally) synchronizes shutter cuts when you convert a Beam object to a Lighting Device. Unfortunately, certain combinations of parameters will still crash Spotlight when the Lighting Device's beam is turned on.


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The crashing when editing the light brightness is a separate issue and being investigated, I don't know if it has been fixed yet. The problem affects all lights (not just lighting devices) on the Mac only.

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