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Create Plot and Model View - updating instruments?


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I have created a lighting pipe ladder, using the tool, converted to a lighting position, and have then used the "Create Plot and Model View" command to put the ladder in the correct place in my model.

Should I be able to add instruments to the ladder AFTER the "Create Plot and Model View" command? I figured if it was using a reference viewport, it should update - but I am having no luck. I add instruments to the ladder in my lighting design layer, but they are not showing up on the corresponding boom in the model. Is this something that should be possible and I'm doing something wrong? Or you have to get all your instruments "hung" before Create Plot and Model View command.

I tried adding the instrument in the model layer, lighting layer and definition layer, same results - no instrument in the model layer.


the attached pic shows an instrument added to the Light Position Object on the left, and not showing up on the associated boom on the right.

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You're "touching" the DLVP, not the "referenced" geometry.

Making sure we're on the same page, in my world...:

"Main Model" is, as the name implies, my main Design Layer (your "Definition?"). In a current project, I have 16 towers. The actual geometry for the towers is on a separate Design Layer for each (Tower 1, Tower 2, Tower 3, etc. - your "Lighting Design?"). The towers are all created as they'd be built on-site - lying down. I've created 16 DLVPs, all of which are assigned to the "Ground DLVPs" Class. That way, I can stand them up and show them in-place, but grayed. On a single plate, I can then show them in a "plot" (legible) view and model view for placement. Any changes to the individual tower configuration are shown in both places - as well as perspective renderings, iso line drawings, etc.

Make sense?

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Thanks. Your description makes sense, but the workflow is a little different - I assume you didn't use the Create Plot And Model View function, but just created your own viewports? I had done that before but was trying this to see what the better workflow was.

My main design layer (Design Layer 1) is where I have the set model, in which I need to see the physical instruments.

I created a "Lighting Design Layer" (Design Layer 2) to create the lighting plot (in the end I won't be doing this, I'm the set designer, but we're both working on the same 3D model.)

When I use Create Plot and Model View, that's what creates the "Definition Layer".

So it all works great now, the only small issue I see is that the LD has to use the Lighting Design Layer for all of the non-vertical positions, and the 16 different "Definition Layers" - one created for each ladder by Create Plot and Model View - for the ladders. But that's his problem :-)

Thanks so much for your help, I was pulling my hair out!

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I can't see anyway of locking a hybrid symbol onto a 3D lighting object. Is it possible?

I want to be able to render some scenery with side lights. I can place the hybrid object in 3D space and use it by itself. But still can't find away to be able to logically group the 2D elements of the Hybrid Symbols in the Top/Plan view.

I'm coming at this from a TD perspective. I need to see where everything is in 3D space and it just doesn't work if all the side light object are lying flat on the ground where I want to run my scenery!

There was a tutorial I found about 9 months ago that details how to split the 2D and 3D elements of the symbols and lighting pipe objects onto different layers. It was tricky, but worked. I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know of this? I think it was a YouTube file.

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