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Please make cabinets so that they take wood textures properly



It would be great if the cabinet PIOs would take woodgrain textures properly. Currently, woodgrain textures are applied all in one direction. They should be applied so that the horizontal pieces have horizontal grain and the vertical pieces should have vertical grain.

As it stands now, I have to explode the PIOs and manually change the texture directions on half of the pieces. That is a giant pain and the cabinets stop being parametrically based.

PLEASE fix this.

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I'm not sure if I really understand how textures in VW work.

I'm not really interested in a complete (complicated) UVW mapping system.

But in all 3D (CAD) Software I used so far - that had no UVW system - the

textures were projected by a simple Cube Mapping in world coordinates.

From Front, Side and Top View.

The Texture Size is determined by the Material Setting, the Origin is

World Origin, then it gets tiled infinitly.

And if the software was very advanced, you could even edit or rotate

about the Origin, switch Tiling on or off and maybe choose a

Spherical Map Type.

That simple setup worked well in 98% of Materials.

(F.e. One wood Material for the horizontal boards, one new Material for

the vertical boards etc.)

Is it possible to do that in VW too in a similar way.

I can set a material or Tile Size. When I tried the texture was not in scale

and sometimes stretched when parts were edited.

How does it work in VW that I can adapt my materials ?

Will a texture allways be streched over a Face ?

How can I flip a Texture over the 3rd axis, for a 3D object ?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Currently for most 3D objects yes, you have to extract its faces and texture them individually, the extracted faces are not tied to the original object by default, you'd have to group them or make a symbol or something similar.

Full-on UV mapping isn't needed to address this initially, it would simply be a big hammer of a feature.

In the middle, an enhancement could be allowing texture mapping of each individual face without having to explode/extract various faces, sort of how wall components and their different faces work, but there isn't anything built in like this yet in most objects.

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Is it too much to dream that texture mapping on Cabinet PIOs will finally get fixed in Vw2017?

This quote from CipesDesign back in 2012 on this topic perfectly expresses how frustrating it is this is still not fixed in Vw2016:

CipesDesign said:
Yep, it's a biggie for me as well but after years and years I've become tired of complaining about it...

Some previous threads where this has been discussed and wishlisted (dating back to at least 2006):

10/25/2006 Wood Textures on Cabinet Objects

06/08/2010 Texture mapping on Cabinet PIO's 

02/01/2012 Sunburst Textures on Cabinet PIO

05/31/2012 Texture Orientation

08/28/2012 Renderworks & Cinema4D

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