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Cinema 4d 8 Vectorworks Edition

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Bought plug-in from Maxon Computers UK dealership, see maxon web site for address/telephone.

Plug-in is called 'Vectorworks Exchange for Cinema 4D' and contains export plug-ins for VW 9/10 and import plug-ins for C4D R7/R8. I use XL8 so i don't know if it works for GO version, check with Maxon.

It works in a similar way to the Artlantis export plug-in.

glad to be of help.

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VW elements are imported as spline objects which are editable by moving points, however the point is that there is a 'live' update from VW to C4D with the plug-in.

when you assign materials/shaders in C4D to VW objects, you can then edit the objects in VW and the plug-in automatically updates the VW objects in C4D keeping their materials/shaders etc as you assigned them. before the plug-in (DXF import to C4D) you had to reassign everything each time you edited the model in VW.

not sure what you mean by making parts non-dynamic, could you explain this for me.

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Should have looked here for info on the Cinema plug in - I noticed the press realease here on the plug in (which has since mysteriously disappeared) and spent a couple of days trying to get all the info on it from Maxon and NNA.

I was hoping to get a demo of the plug in, to try with the Cinema demo, but the plug in only works with registered copies.

Glad to hear about the "live" update - that would be an incredible time saver. Am I to understand that Cinema is reading all object data directly from the Vectorworks file?

Do you Cinema users also use the Advanced rendering plug in? The lighting control in the core package is pretty amazing, and it seems the radiosity would be time intensive...

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I am not sure I understand the capabilities of the plug-in.

Could I export a model to Cinema 4D, make changes to the model using Cinema 4D?s modeling tools and then import the revised model back into Vectorworks?

A second question: How well does Cinema 4D work for architectural modeling?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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The process is just like Art*lantis. There are two plugins that go in the VW Plug In Folder.

The other is the export Plug in for C4D.

The exported VW geometry cannot be altered in C4D,

but C4D geometry can be added to the new file. The files are linked so that changes made in VW can update the file created in C4D. Your class structure will control how materials can be applied in C4D. This is similar to Art*lantis, but I don't know if you have as much control over thier application. I have to do some tests.

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When you open an exported VW file in C4D, a VW "container" is created in the Object Manager.

Objects created in C4D should not be placed in this "container".

Changes made to the original drawing in VW can update the C4D by exporting using the Update a Folder option.

Open the old C4D file. Choose from the File Menu. Select the newly exported file.

You can either choose to add objects - preserving the old "container" and creating a new "container" with the new objects.

If you choose to Update the Folder, the old "container" will be replaced with the new objects.

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