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Break line trim

Vincent C


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For the connect/combining, I had assumed it worked as simple geometry. It works if you ungroup it, but that shouldn't be required for something so simple.

Submitting request now.

For the cropping, would crops need to allow a standard crop object in addition to allowing the one-side breakline as well? Currently they can only have one object for the crop and I see issues if only a "everything to one side of the breakline" was permitted as the crop...

EDIT: Nevermind, I see that it would pretty much have to be in addition to another "regular" crop object. Submitting now.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I had been thinking more along the lines of something like this:


Where the user could add a breakline in addition to a crop, then pick the desired side. This was assuming that you would want to do something like duplicate the viewport, then be able to pick the opposing side as well and change .

But allowing Break Line to be part of Add Surface or Compose operations would be simpler. I'll clarify in the request.

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Well, in these parts a double break line is custom in the situation above so perhaps an option for this can be added too.


(the break line works as it is now but normally we only use a straight dash dotted line for breaks so while you're at it perhaps some options for customizing the actual line?!)


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+1 for breakline trims objects.

I think any of the means discussed could be OK.

I assume most do the following, but I here is a workaround for those needing it:

1. For breaklined areas of a design layer:

A Viewport crop can be drawn as a rectangular poly with a zigzag on one, several or all sides. Draw zigzag side with the Breakline Tool, configure it via OIP, then Cmd K to convert it to Poly. Dupe and rotate as nec, draw additional lines to close the poly. Compose.

Copies of this poly can be placed on a design layer to surround areas and used as crop objects for Sheet Layer VPs. In the VP edit, use Reshape to Hide crop edges as needed. The resulting sheet layer has all the cropped views. Aligned and locate as required. The series of VPs appears trimmed to the zigzags.

These polys can be saved as Symbols. Cmd K to convert the Symbol instance to a Polyline.

2. For making a break line, eg in VP annotations, that appears to trim the object:

Create a closed rectangular Poly with zigzags on opposite sides. Give it a fill same as drawing background. Place it over area represented by the break. Hide edges as needed.




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Having long been requested Matt Panzer (PanzerCAD-everybody buy Camera Match) worked up a plugin called Break Line Poly (I think)a long time ago.

I have it working fine in vw2012 but have since not transferred it.

Matt's Break Line Poly tool creates pretty much what Benson so expertly worked around with one operation. Quite editable and it was free from Matt's site: PanzerCAD or maybe even from the archives of VectorDepot. Saved me a bundle of fussing. Even so, it should be offered native and with features above. It's an important tool.

Don't know if it still is available or works with 2014 or 2015.

Matt? You there? If you will permit, I can attach my copy from my plugins folder.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I was wondering why my ears were ringing...

The Vectorworks Freebies page on my site as been "under construction" (or under pre-construction) for some time. While I still plan to work on the page, I went ahead and placed the Break Poly plug-in for download.

I just reworked the Break Poly plug-in and the "PanzerCAD Break Poly 2009" download should now work in VW 2009 and later. Please let me know if you find otherwise.

PanzerCAD's Free Vectorworks Stuff

Enjoy! :-)

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