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IFC export, grid axis, text


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Does anybody know if its possible to export construction grid lines to IFC?

I have made 3d polygon lines and given them an ifc entity and they don't export.

I get a message that objects that are not filled does not get exported. I tried to make a filled circle at the end of a grid line, the circle exports fine to IFC but not the line. Also great if it could be a dashed line.

Is it possible to export text? I tried to give normal text an ifc entity. And then export it to ifc. Did not work.

Everything is on a story.

Not easy to find answers for IFC questions, so I am struggling a bit.

Kind regards


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This really coasts on the edge of what is currently possible in IFC. There have been numerous requests to change IFC in such a way that it would allow symbolic information, but at its core, IFC is still about volumetric information, attached data, and hierarchy.

My question would be: why do you want to include that info in an IFC file? What would be its purpose? Who is going to use this file and cannot work without that info?

BTW, I'm not sure this post belongs here. Exporting and importing IFC is a Vectorworks Architect feature

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Thanks for the answers.

I realise this was posted in the wrong spot when i started to look around on the forum, I am a new user.

We are using the model in a project where we use the IFC model as a information base. The different consultants are working in different programs such as revit, vectorworks, magicad. The crash tests are done in IFC format with Solibri. We are setting up the architectural model and are therefor setting the construction grid.

As i understood from the BIM consultant we have you can make this grid in Revit and export to ifc.

But i found this picture on the Vectorworks site so I thought it might be possible from Vectorworks as well. Grid shown with blue lines and a tag.


To have text or text in 3d is used for putting comments in the model. Like this:

picture 2

I was looking at some videos from digitalcarbonzulu on youtube and he explains how to get text into ifc format. Have not tried it but will try now and see if it works. Then some of my problems are solved.

Kind regards Ida

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Hi Ida,



Grid Bubble/Polar/Rectangular objects are automatically exported to IFC. If you need something more special (like 3-axis grid or non-ordered tags), you can use a custom solution - group with IfcGrid attached, and inside lines with IfcGridAxis (where AxisTag is prefixed by 'U','V' or 'W', to denote which list this axis belongs to - UAxes, VAxes or WAxes) - please, see the attached file.


(I've already answered this to anton5)


Sorry, I wasn't able to open your pictures - so, in general, lines and dimensions are exported as IfcAnnotation (MVD should be Vectorworks Extended).





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