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Space Tool Proposed vs Net Area calculation

Brian H

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I was able to get the difference between the two values in a quick test file, could you post your space and worksheet so that I can take a look? Putting those two objects in their own test file (as long as the issue still remains) and posting just that would be fine.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I could have sword there was a way to do this. What you are doing would be right for a regular worksheet, but for a database row (where you're doing math on multiple cells in order, below) you would use something like:

=('Space'.'11_Gross Area')-('Space'.'11_Proposed Area')

But in the case of spaces, the value its giving is including the "sq ft" so the math fails. But there IS a way around this, I have simply forgotten it. I'll check here and see if I can grab someone before we close. If not, perhaps another board denizen knows the way.

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In VW2015,

'Space'.'Area' and 'Space'.'Proposed Area' should give you the numerical values you are looking for.

'Space'.'11_Area' is defined as static text, so it can not be used in a math calculation.

The script in the following thread will show you the field types for each of the fields of the selected object.


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One more question on the proposed vs net area calculation.

The formula works in the worksheet as Pat explained.

Can it be attached to the space? I see that you can specify a formula to be attached to the space label.

When I add the formula =('Space'.'Net Area')-('Space'.'Proposed Area') to the formula, that is what appears on the label, not the numeric value.

Thanks again,


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