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Saving multiple scene shift plots


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I know there has to be a simple way of doing this, but I haven't found it yet...

I have set with multiple screens and platforms that are re-arranged on stage for each scene. I've got all the pieces in 3D and can move them around as needed, however, is there a way of saving each "scene", i.e. the positions of all of the pieces, so that I can switch back and forth between them easily without having to drag each piece separately?


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I'd have to agree with Benjamin here. Up till recently I organized scene shifts by layer but began to run into issues like scenery / masking utilized in multiple scenes, yet not in every scene. I ended up deploying classes which worked exceedingly well.

Once classes are created, it becomes a simple matter to create saved views / viewports, which are easily updated if things are added/changed. In the initial planning of a recent show, every scenic aspect was in play, from the masking thru flown scenery to deck-based scenery. and so creating views to reflect the various scenarios was a piece of cake. For example: the giant US platform in the Palace scene used straight steps. The same platforms in a later scene used a section of curved steps and additional platforming / steps atop the base install. It seemed to me that creating the layers to satisfy these types of requirements would end up not as elegant a solution.

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