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Vw 2015 cursor odd offset behavior

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Was this included in SP3? I am now experiencing some strange cursor behavior. When in a design layer my cursor will not interact with any objects on screen, moving to a sheet layer control comes back. The really strange part is that when VW is not the active application if I hover over objects they highlight with typical selection behavior but once I click on the VW window making it again the active application the pointer no longer interacts with any of the objects. I have to quit and relaunch VW multiple times to get it into working order and sometimes it requires a complete machine restart. I am using a 2 monitor setup and wondering if it is tied to this. I often jump between monitors and this behavior happens when coming back to VW from the second monitor.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes changes were introduced in SP3, but that doesn't sound like the same issue.

If you disconnect (unplug, not just turn off) one of the monitors and reboot, then launch Vectorworks and retry can you replicate it? Or only with dual monitors?

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