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XYZ report from a DTM to a CSV

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I need an urgent help here,

I have a DTM with over 4,000 stakes that I need to export to a CSV file for the surveyor. I'm not an expert on Script and I really need to do it in a very short term, and if I do it one by one it will take me forever.

anyone that can help me with this I will really appreciate.

I already read about older topics about it but didn't help casuse Im using the 2015 and I try lot of things but no results.


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Hi CivilGT

one by one - ouch! You don't need to script just use a worksheet. Here it is:

Download the attached file and import the Stake List worksheet from the Resource Browser into your current file.

Open the worksheet and File>Recalculate

With the worksheet still open from the Vectorworks menu go File>Export Worksheet>Comma.

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