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Deriving solid from two polygons

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This is a recurring problem to me, sometimes working with objects in forced perspective:

I need to generate a solid object from two polygons, like extruding one shape to meet the other. It's not enough to do a tapered extrude. Is there any feature I have missed? alternatively, can I somehow stitch the missing surfaces to the objects, point by point?

I enclose a screenshot, the object that I used as a template is shown below. The two wireframe objects need to be top and bottom in the new object.


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I don't know exactly but there is somewhere a tool to create a volume from

those shapes.

I think you have to convert the Polys to Nurbs first.

As for having some solids (!?) with missing faces or parts of it.

You have to convert the solid back to dumb mesh first.

In a mesh in edit mode you can draw 3D Polygons to fill holes

and missing or corrupt faces.

(Or delete some 2 point Polygons on edges)

After the mesh is valid again, you have to Push Pull one face

away to get a generic solid, and back again to get the original


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You may have better luck with Taper Face, if I am seeing this figure correctly.


The attached object was just a simple extruded horseshoe shape, with the inner face tapered with the bottom face as the anchor point.

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