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Ungrouping fillet/chamfer object shouldn't remove texture.

Andy Broomell


If you apply a texture to a 3D object AFTER you have used the fillet edge tool, if you later ungroup the object to get back your original extrude, the texture disappears. It shouldn't.

If you applied the texture before filleting, then it works fine.

If you apply a texture beforehand, then change the texture after its been filleted, when you ungroup it reverts to the first texture.

So I suppose what it's doing is keeping the object history inside of the fillet, which would perhaps be appropriate if you could actually double-click a fillet and edit the object inside. But since that's not the case I feel like the texture adjustments to the fillet should be retained when ungrouping (since unfortunately it's quite common to have to ungroup, change something, then re-make the fillet).

This all applies to the Chamfer Edge tool as well.


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