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Site Modifier Jagged Edges - Architect 2015


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Could anybody offer some advice?

I want to add a site modifier to cut out a basement space for a model I have created. Having selected a polygon that outlines the excavation & being careful not to overlap with any others I have used the 'Create Objects From Shapes' tool in the AEC Menu to create a site modifier Pad with Retaining Edge, elevation set at the depth of my basement slab.

Could somebody tell me why I'm getting this jagged edge to the excavation? - I've tried offsetting a polygon from the original site modifier shape by 200mm, subtracting the original and creating a grade limit, but it doesn't seem to work.

Any suggestions would be most welcome - is this me being thick/inexperienced at site modelling or is it a bug?

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The Boundary Object may have a different name. Depending on VWX version, it's also called a Fence (older versions) or Grade Limit (newer versions). It's also sometimes referred to as a Grader, although I don't think that was ever a dialog box option.


What is purpose of Pad with Retaining Edge, or example of common place it might be used? Pad and Pad with Retaining Edge placed side by side seem to have no differences, even at close zoom. Or maybe there is a slope condition that makes it useful?


A "Pad with Concentric Grade Limit" object would be useful, esp with a user setting for offset.


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