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Edward M. Baum

Can't create custom sheet sizes in VW 10

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I have just upgraded to VW 10 from 9.5 (Mac OS X and Classic) and have encountered a problem. When I open drawings done originally in 9.5, the sheet border disappears and the Page Setup dialog box shows A4 size. When I go into the Custom option and specify and name my usual paper size (12.95" x 28"), save it, etc, it is not added to the list of paper options in Page Setup. And the dialog box shows A4 again. The custom size function had worked fine in VW 9.5. But now, even when I open 9.5 in Classic the custom sheet size can't 'hold' a specification . . . and reverts.

Any ideas about what I am missing or not doing?

Thanks in advance. [Confused]

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Are you running VW 9.5 in Classic or Native?

Same for VW 10?

Do you see the problem under Classic or native OS 10 mode?

What version of OS 9 and OS 10 are you using?

What version of Carbon Lib if under OS 9?

What type of printer are you trying to set the custom page size up with?

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I have tried several combinations of VW versions and Mac OS on my new G4 DP to try to get may drawings to print correctly.

Let me establish the base condition: I've been using VW 9 and 9.5 since it came out on an older G4 Mac running OS 9.2 (native, not Classic). I have produced contract drawings with a 28" wide by 12.95" high format on an Epson 1280 printer. Great results, dependable, solid.

I acquired the new G4 DP with OS X Jaguar and Classic already installed. When I open my VW 9.5 documents in Classic OR Jaguar, they do not print correctly. I have re-entered the custom sheet size (28" x 12.95") as both horizontal and vertical orientations and have tried both the Landscape and Portrait formats in the Print dialog box for each variant. Invariably, the sheet is printed 90 degrees off correct positioning . . . a fragment of the drawing is printed true scale vertically on the horizontal sheet.

When I convert the VW 9.5 documents to the just-upgraded VW 10, a different difficulty arises: The orientation is correct, but despite SAYING the custom sheet size is 28" x 12.95", it prints greatly reduced, as if it were trying to fit the whole drawing onto an A4 or letter sheet size.

My difficulty of yesterday -- that the program would not " hold" a custom sheet size seems to have gone away. Perhaps several restarts did it.

Do you have any ideas on how to get the orientation correct on my custom sheet sizes?

I'm keeping up with my work flow by moving files to the older native OS 9 machine and VW 9.5.


Edward M. Baum FAIA


Now, with the new

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On the new computer under OS 9 extensions, what version of Carbon Lib do you have installed?

What version of Jaguar do you have?

When you open VW in "classic", are you launching classic from within jaguar or are you rebooting to OS 9 and then printing?

As for the drawing being smaller under VW 10 - in the Print dialog box is a drop down box. Select VectorWorks. Make sure you do not have print current view selected.

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