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Mystery object.

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I have an object in my model that is completely un-selectable. It is a tapered extrude that got left behind when I rotated the rest of the object that it was part of and I missed it in my selection.

Now it is lost on some parallel universe. I can’t force select or Ctr-drag select. Nothing short of Ctr-A will select it. I made a copy of the file and, one-by-one deleted every other object in the model to see if it had been accidently grouped with something—nope, there is was all by itself on an empty layer. If I select-all and delete, it goes away. Nothing short of that works. When it was all by itself, I did a Crt-A and the OI said it was a None/None class/layer. Nothing special. I would ignore it except the Viewport sees it too and draws it. It also pops in and out of existence when scrolling in top/plan.

Any ideas anybody?

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Thanks Jim,

I had given up assuming the file was corrupted. But as I’ve put a lot of work into it I was determined to hunt it down and kill it. I finally succeeded. It seems like the object’s actual position and it’s “visual position” in the document somehow got separated. I was able to select it by dragging a box around a completely different part of the drawing—empty space. Then I immediately cut and pasted into a new layer. Once there it behaved perfectly normally. I deleted and moved on. I don’t know, this is one for the Enterprise crew. I’m assuming it was some kind of glitch. Thanks anyway.


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This may be same thing in one of my drawings:

A layer with dimensions and other planar objects (all layer plane in OIP) was repositioned to a new layer height, downward in this case.

The planar objects did not appear to move to the new ground plane position. But they were not selectable by clicking on the object geometry.

The cursor and selection highlights activated only if the cursor "hit" on their projected positions on the new ground plane.

This also happened to a 3d simple stair object when its layer height was changed. Geometry displayed in old position, "ghost" version could be highlighted at new layer height.

The objects repositioned themselves if grouped then ungrouped. I think the geometry also shifted to correct position via a process of Select, Cut, Paste in Place. I will try to test later.

Drawing contains a couple DTMs.

File was converted from v2012 to v2015, so contains mix of new and converted objects.


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Sorry Sean - That's just some alphabet soup lingo.

DTM is Data Terrain Model. Another name for Site Model.

Maybe DTM refers to only the terrain & site modifier portion while Site Model refers to all that plus houses, trees, and other things located in/on the terrain.

Can anyone do some detailed 'splainin of these two terms?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The original name for the Site Model was Digital Terrain Model, it was introduced as a sort of addon in MiniCAD days. The name simply stuck and today it is used interchangeably with Site Model by users and employees who have been around since then.

"Site Model" is the correct name now, but old habits die hard.

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OK Jim. Its happened again. I was just playing around with some of the new spotlight stuff and made a ladder stuck a few instruments on it and then entered a rotation of 90 in the OI rotate field. I did an undo and a phantom light stayed behind in the position one of the lights was in in the rotation. I can't select it. Just like my escutcheon plate in my other file (that was the mystery object). I tried to attach the file but the file manager says its larger than 2MB. Is there another way I can get it to you?


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My stats BTW

Windows 8.1 i7-4770 3.40 16RAM 64Bit GeForce GTX 650Ti

Hmm... all the attempts to select it failed. Until I started messing with layers and classes to see if it was somewhere else.

Switching from Grey/Snap to Show/snap/mod Layers caused it to vanish. However I only have the 1 default Design Layer 1.

I know am a "Greenhorn" here and I sound like a noob in these posts, but trust me I've been using and teaching this software for a decade. There's something going on here.



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