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Solid Subtraction from MULTIPLE objects

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I have a complex 3D object made from several 3D solids

I want to subtract a simple 3D rectangle from the overall object BUT retain the individual pieces

I know I can do this by subtracting each individual component but this seems like multiple identical steps

I don't think there is an option to Subtract Solids from multiple shapes in one go but does anyone have any suggestions to a workaround?


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A couple of ways:

Select your primary 3d solids and Model>Add Solids.

Then select this new solid addition and your subtracting solid and Model>Subtract Solids.

The original solids remain editable via Modify>Edit Solid + Modify>Edit Solid.


Select your primary 3d solids

Modify Create Symbol

You can then subtract solids from the symbol and subsequently edit the primaries by editing the 3d symbol.

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Good tips @bcd.

However, i would like to batch subtract one object (say a dowel) from multiple plywood/solid wood parts, while keeping those individual parts separate.

Is there a way to accomplish this without repeating the subtract command for each part?

If not i'd like to suggest this be added to the wish-list section.

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The only way is to convert your assemblage into a Symbol and Solid Subtract from that. A fair wish would be to Solid Subtract from a Group.

Otherwise you can perform repeated SSs and check the Retain Subtracting Objects box so at least you don't need to duplicate the dowel.

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