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Standard naming

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I have asked this question before but with no response so ill try again.

When using the standard naming tool I don't get any names for the layers or sheets. In theory this sounds like it could be useful but so far i can only get the auto classing to work.

Does anyone use this tool? if so how do you get the standard names to appear when creating new layers or sheets?

all the information i have seen has only used the classing as an example with no information or reference to the layers and sheets.



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Yes I read those earlier and they only reference classes, which works fine, I am trying to get sheets to be edited and generated.

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Chris-just now taking the time to respond. I have used the Standard Naming tool/command on occasion. I have found it can be quite powerful in setting-up a project, but for me has proven less useful than it potentially could be, and in need of a major overhaul.

Not sure that I understand your question, but will summarize my use of the commands and experience for what it is worth: from the Document Settings>Standard Naming menu, one selects the naming Standard to be used in the current document. Selecting a User-X Standard and clicking on the Details… button, one can customize names of Classes (& attributes), Design Layers and Sheet Layers by selecting the appropriate tabs and editing the desired fields. To actually access and include Standard Name Design Layers and Sheet Layers in a document, one must first establish a story structure. Then using the Document Settings>Create Standard Viewports menu (CSVPs), one selects the desired drawings for the project. When the command executes, Design Layers, Sheet Layers with SLVPs, and Classes are automatically created. The SLVP visibility settings are even appropriately set for Layers and Classes, i.e. a Reflected Ceiling Plan VP shows the Ceiling Main class and not the Sills class.

I have found however, that even though having set up Stories prior to using the Create Standard Viewports Command, Design Layers created by the CSVPs didn’t seem to be automatically assigned to appropriate Stories, or formatted as Stories-created Design layers. Also using a default Naming Standard, design layers have a “Mod-“ prefix and include Design Layers, suitable for designing in 2D – which for me is are unnecessary legacies of previous document structure.

One more thing, once one uses the Standard Naming tool, several worksheets are also created in the document: ClassNameStds, SheetNameStds and ViewNameStds. Edit these to change the name of User-X as you wish, and to export/import custom Naming Standards between documents as you would with any resources. HTH

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my understanding is that the standard naming is already running on the background for the selected standard. For example when you create a PIO door it automatically assigns the glass used with the door to "Glazing>Clear". I have to manually change the PIO settings not to do this. Rather if I change the Naming Standard to what I desire to be named then I wouldn't have to do this. Am I right?

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I assume, that Glazing Clear class is not included in a global file that

you could edit to your wishes, which I strongly wish,

but hardcoded into each of the architectural plugin tools.

As there was a wish to localize VW according to OS X System language

settings like any OS X App, this would be a nice place create some config

text files to not edit part names for plugins but edit standard class naming


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Right, so even if we change say for example the User-1 mapping of Glazing-Clear to Door-Glass and then setting User-1 as the naming standard, it won't solve our problem? What do you guys think, still no?

If not, hopefully this is item is added to the WISHLIST, ehem* ehem*.

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I watched the standard naming video in KB.

If I got that right, standard naming tool is exactly what I need.

I could edit/translate all those standard layer names used in plugins (?)

Like "glazing-clear" -> "GLAS_KLAR" as I use upper case to easier recognize.

I'm little unsure about classes ordering better parts or materials.

So having "door-glass" + "window-glass" + "furniture-glass"

and assigned a glass material to all these classes....

or better

put all in "glass-clear" class.

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Zoomer you can go crazy trying to find names to everything, I suggest adopt a standard either German construction organizations develop or you can use CSI OmniClass. I'm heading towards that direction. Just a suggestion though.

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