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Light Tool - Spot Light Mode Icons … size, selecting, altering, issues

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Light Tool - Spot Light Mode Icons … size, selecting, altering, issues

We tend to use a number of Spot Lights in our rendered drawings. The Icon that represents this Spot Light can have different characteristics. Most are helpful. The color of the arrow head or the spread of the reflector are indicative of the settings in the OIP.

Others, like the "Long Directional Arrow" that points towards the direction of the spot appear to have little to do with the fall off as one might expect. (Based on the Spread and Beam Dialog Box)

Question 1: Is there a way to eliminate that "Long Directional Arrow" after the Spot Light is placed?

The selection process is altered when a Spot Light has a that "Long Directional Arrow" in its icon. Both ends of the spectrum: "way to easy to accidentally select a light unintendedly" and the "way to hard to select with the rectangle marquee as the icon is bigger than expected.

On that note -

Question 2: Why are the Icons Gigantic is some views for the Spot Light (Perspective) ? They are 3D ?

Question 3: When a Spot Light is in a Symbol, the selected boundary is determined by the Spot Light ( … and that "Long Directional Arrow") even when the Preferences are set to NOT visible. Can this be altered at all? (Or is it … back to Question 1)

Question 4: When a Spot Light is created with the Dialog box it is easy to alter the settings put a Spot Light where and how one would like. A second time and some of the settings in the Create Spot Light Dialog box reset, others do not - Why?

Question 5: Is there a Way to select an existing Spot Light and tell it to focus at the "next click" ? (The way an Animation View can be told to "look at")

Thanks ...

VW / RW Designer 2013 SP5

MacBook Retina 10.8.5

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