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Does Tile command still exist?


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Doing 2D details and need to draw gravel &drain rock.

A few versions back I could apply a tilable symbol to a polygon using the Tile command. Can't find it in Vectorworks2014.

Vectorworks had a series of built-in symbols (i.e. rocks, small rocks, large rocks etc). They could be "tiled" to fill a polygon.

It would be a shame if Vectorworks did away with this feature.

Does it still exist and am I missing something?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It may have been bundled into the Tile fills, found in the Fill portion of the attribute palette, which can contain any geometry you like.

The older Tile command is still available though, you can add it to your workspace via the workspace editor. It can be found under the All Menus section.

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