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Polyline rendering glitch


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My problem is a Polyline rendering shows two versions in same viewport:

correct way and what seems to be a version in screen plane


1. polyline smoothed using bezier curve is drawn in layer plane on design layer

2. using orbit, an orthogonal 3D view is created

3. rendering is set to shaded polygon

4. a viewport is created to capture the 3D shot

5. in sheet layer, the viewport comes in with the red dashed border indicating a need for update

6. when updated, the polyline appears both in the correct 3D position as well as a screen position, even though the polyline is assigned to the layer plane; all other objects behave as expected for the 3D view

7. converting the polyline to a polygon works, but adds hundreds of vertices, making the polygon next to useless for editing later.

Any ideas why this would happen? Thx.

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