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Circle - cycle modes



Here's one that's been bugging me forever.

6 to draw a circle

Click to place the first point

Now I see that the circle is in diameter mode and I hopefully press u 5 times to cycle back to radius mode but the tool forgets the first click and I have to click again.

(now that I write it out it sounds laughable but it's bugged me in the past - probably when it's been difficult to acquire the first click because of dense geometry).

The opposite works as expected.

Circle in radius mode click - u - mode changes to diameter without losing the first click point.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I see the same, some of the modes clear the first click and some do not.

It looks like Circle by 3 lines mode wipes the first click, which SORT of makes sense since it doesn't work via points but selected edges, however ideally if you tab past that mode again it should recall the first clicked point from the earlier modes.

Submitting request now.

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