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Andy Broomell


Going off of this topic: https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=69599

I agree that VW should ship with a workspace that includes all the tools and commands (but without the legacy ones, probably).

I recently purchased VW2015 Designer and was surprised that the Designer workspace doesn't even include the Spotlight tools, for example. I thought the point of the Designer series was having everything, so a user who purchases that package might very well expect the Designer workspace to have everything.

In this example I know you can switch to the Spotlight workspace, but then other things are missing.

I know you can also start with the Designer workspace and add the Spotlight tools and whatever else is missing, but that's a lot of extra work that shouldn't be necessary, plus the added headache of toolset icons.

Starting with a 'complete' workspace from which you can hack away unwanted things would be simpler than manually adding all the things that are missing from current workspaces.

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At one point a few years ago I actually tried making a super workspace that had -not all- but way more menu commands. Turns out there's a hard limit. I don't remember what the limit was, or if the limit was the OS's limit or VW's limit.

Personally, I found having that many menus, chunks, and tools too overwhelming for an efficient workflow.


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So, I see both sides, here - SooperDooper all in one? or segmented chunks. I agree that the huge one can be overwhelming, but since the segments are available, they can be accessed by clicking through them.

I'm guessing the Designer workspace was designed to provide most of what's commonly needed with an expectation that users with uncommon needs would add what they need. As opposed to starting with an empty Custom workspace and picking "from scratch" everything needed

In current system, there might be uncertainty with a few of the items in Designer - eg is the Landscape toolset in Designer the full one from Landmark, or the more limited one from Architect?


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the workspaces and their handling is an archaic mess, shrouded in a legacy ui and programmieze that needs to be dumped and rebuilt.

Any idea on a good GUI example? I like C4D's method of pallettes and pallette snapping etc. I dislike Ribbons though.

+1 "to add entire predetermined toolsets to workspaces" add and remove option

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