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Xtrd and worksheet

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You're on the right track.

The worksheet can call the volume, but it doesn't have a call to get the area of the profile object of the extrude.

So the call is

=volume / (area of profile of extrude)

In the attached example I added fields for the nominal dimensions of the beam and called those cells to get the area.

If you don't want to see those fields you can make them white text on a white background or put them in a row or column with a 0 height or width.



ps excuse the confusing math to convert inches to feet!

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Thank you michael k!

You have been so kind and 'clear' to explain your solution.

But, as I wrote, it's almost 20 years, I ask to Nemetscheck that we be given the opportunity to read DIRECTLY the extrude value, that is a NATIVE value, editable in obj info palette.

I love Vectorworks, but I have to say that's a very stupid issue and I (we) need it could be fixed!

It's stupid that in 2014 (as year) or, if you prefer, in 2015 release I have to write by hand the proper dimension of a prismatic solid.

Now, I understood why a space shuttle can explode because of a 5cent o-ring...

I hope that Nemetscheck will forgive me for hard words, but it's because I LOVE Vectorworks and I'd want it near to perfection... :-) and because I use to say what I think!

Thank you again!


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Here's a very, very simple steel frame I need to compute...


I'd like to compute the total length of each type (HEA, IPE...)

Today, in 2014 (2015 release) I simply CAN'T !!!


The file:


What I mean...


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Ok, Miguel... What I want to say is that I expect to read 4500, instead 4499,9915...

Just because I performed an extrusion of 450 cm!, Not 449,99....

So, it does means that the internal precision is an opinion! :-)

I wrote 450, but I get 449,... It doesn't make sense!

What I see is that the function of spreadsheet are the same since 1992! Can you imagine?

At that time, I was working on a 68k motorola Mac...

So, it seems that time is never pass!

Anyway, what I'd like is to read the xtrd valute. Just a value that is LIVING on the database of VW: I'm not asking about some else, but just for a value that already EXIST!

As, length for lines... and so on...

Have a nice day, Miguel! :-)


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the opportunity to read DIRECTLY the extrude value, that is a NATIVE value, editable in obj info palette.

I agree. I would like to see ANYTHING in the OIP or in any 'Settings' dialog box reportable and editable in worksheets. That includes, layer, class, delta x, delta y, rotation, line weight, line and fill color, X/Y/Z coordinates, etc. As well as the extrude value and, in EAPs, the length of the nurbs curve object.


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