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can't open my file containing an image

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i created a file that has layers of vector drawings and an image (tiff or j-peg) on a separate layer. i worked on the file, printed and saved. now i can't open the file. i've found this problem before but have worked around it. this time i can not.

Any suggestions as to how to open?

Anyone else experienced this?

FILE SIZE: 68.5mb



OS: 9.2.2

MACHINE: G4 800 quicksilver

RAM: 1gig


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Do you have any other applications running?

Have you tried restarting the computer and then opening ONLY VW and trying to open it?

Files with good sized image files are going to blossom once imported into the file.

We convert all image files to bitmap's, upping the size of the bitmap all together.

If the file is too large for memory to handle, it won't open.

Sometimes by restarting the computer that is resolved since all stored memory and cache is cleared from the system with a restart or a shut down/start up. This allows more memory to be made available to open the file.

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considering my computer freezes when i try to open i have tried the resart approach, even purged the ram etc. i've also tried upping VW's memory to 750,000kb with a minimum of 600,000kb still no luck. i've tried opening the file itself and opening the program then the file still no luck.

is there a magic file size-to memory ratio that is not allowing the drawing to open?

i'd try a variety of other options ie do tiff's not work but j-pegs do but i'm drafting with a broken right hand so my left hand mouse co-ordination is a little slow, may take me 4 weeks to sort this out (cast comes off then) unless anyone has another idea.

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no error message, and yes i have control of the mouse although the little timmer does not turn. i realise this probably means the computer is thinking about opening the drawing but after leaving it for about 1/2 and hour and still nothing i decided to re-start the computer (force quit does not work)

do you think it will open if i give it enough time?



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