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ifc export issues


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i'm trying to export my building to the ifc format.

i understand the message as a hint that some classes with ifc elements have no fill. i've put a few pipes (that were in the 'none' class) into an existing proper class, with use at creation checked, and with a solid fill.

all to no avail, the pipes don't appear in the ifc model.

is there any fool-proof method to assign the elements in order to have them ifc-exported?



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I think you have to assign some IFC data at the bottom of the OIP

to all non architectural objects that they get exported.

IFC has to know what that part is, otherwise it get omitted.

In this case maybe a "IfcPipeSegmentType"


I've seen the PDF now ;)

So it looks more like a bug if you see that your pipe has a proper filling.

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micha, i have modelled the pipe as the extrude along path in the 'none' class (which is a non-filled type), then changed the class to the solid-filled plumbing-storm class with the 'use at creation' checked, then assigned the pipe to the ifcpipesegmenttype.

probably one of the steps was too late to have a filled type.


wes, thanks for the files, i'll check them, but can you convert the vwx to 2014 version? thanks in advance.


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Changing an element to class with 'use at creation' checked

does not always work for me.

Sometimes I have to check the attributes Palette and set it

manually afterwards. Same for a class with materials assigned,

I had to select the whole geometry and assign class materials.

If the pipe has the filling from the class,

does it help to assign temporarily another fill type and then

again by class ?

Will it export if you create another pipe with the new class active.

I know that BMW doesn't accept CAD element attributes by class,

so maybe that does not work always as expected ?

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another ifc export issues, concerning the transition from v2014 to v2015.

the only advantage is the reduced ifc model size in 2015 (142 mb vs 344 mb from v2014), but that was it.

- the model, correctly exported and visualised in solibri viewer in v2014 gets messed up in v2015 ifc export: the whole foundation is moved diagonally at a strange distance, the remodelling in the v2015 doesn't help.

- the path along the house wall sticks out at an angle in v2015 ifc model, compared with the proper look in the v2014 model

this is a field report, i'll examine the case more closely. as for now, either the storey structure doesn't work, or something bad happens to the ifc export.


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Is it possible to export structural grid lines as part of IFC? They have been labeled as IfcGridAxis but they do not export.

The whole model exports although they are the only object showing, and I have check "Export Visible Objects Only". The rest of the model looks pretty good in Solibri, but the Structural Engineer needs the grid lines.



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Gester - This is a total longshot. I pasted some non story geometry into a file with story/level structure and added the pasted geometry into the Levels scheme.

For many objects, eg styled walls & slabs, there were unexplained offsets of the geometry, z values mainly, but the selection highlight outline was displaying at the correct z. For some reason, grouping then ungrouping the selection "reset" the geometry to the correct config and z value.



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@ Brian Hores

I have the same issue as you, need to export a structural grid.

As i understand you can not export just lines to an ifc, it needs to have a plain.

I did a circel with a fill at the end og the grid line. The grid line did not export but the circle did.

Have also had some problems with certain ifc entities, ifcText does not export had to use ifcProxy, think i also had the same problem with IfcGridAxis.

Does anybody know how to export a structural grid? I know its possible from Revit.


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@ida: Re Grid Export.

I have been in contact with Rubbina Siddiqui at Vectorworks in Maryland.

The process requires individually selecting each grid line and assigning it to be an IfcGridAxis. Then grouping the gridlines together and creating assigning it to be an IfcGrid.

Her reply is as follows:

In order to export an IfcGrid, there are some requirements:

1 - IfcGrid can have up to 3 axis, named U, V and W. W can be used only if you have 3-axis grid;

U=horizontal, V=vertical, W=non orthagonal

2 - Draw all lines/arcs/circles from the first axis, attach to all of them IfcGridAxis. Set the AxisTag to the name of the line prefixed by the letter of the axis - U2 (this is a line with label 2 from the U axis lines) );

3- Do the same for the next axis V (AxisTag will be V100 for the arc with label 100 from the V-axis);

4 - Optionally, do the same for the axis W, if any;

5 - Group all of the lines/arcs/circles and attach IfcGrid to the group (you can also setup a name for the grid);

Hope this helps. They are working on a handbook for IFC export, which will hopefully be available soon.


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@ Brian Hores

Thanks a million!

The grid finally works,

but its not a very logical process.

And why is it not in connection with the grid bubble tool and automatically IFC tagged?

Guess thats another story :)

An IFC export handbook will definitely be of help.

A specially for us Scandinavian users, IFC is a big hit here, but not to many users on Vectorworks ….

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