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Move Command: Duplicate

Andy Broomell


I would like the Move command to have a checkbox to create a duplicate, resulting in the original object(s) staying where they are and a copy being moved per the coordinates.

I suppose this would also apply to the Move 3D command.

I know there are other ways to accomplish the same end result, but I often find myself wanting to use the Move command in this way. Currently I ctrl+click to create a duplicate and then move the duplicate; having a Create Duplicate option within the Move command would simplify the process.


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Zoomer: I disagree with the complications. I use move because it is simple and direct. The check box is fine, or even a counter. But more gets in the way. The dialog would likely cover what I want to see.

I suggest that interactivity, arrows and previews be part of Move by Points, which is a graphical interactive tool.

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