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On 11/8/2014 at 3:42 AM, bcd said:

Wow Pat,

If there is Star of the Week you're getting my nomination for this one *

take a look:

from VW text to barcode to reader to result. Very cool.





Hi, its been a while since this topic was on board.
Could You please refresh it for me..?
I'd like to add some extra record to the symbol with a barcode number to provide it with barcode field (barcode font) on the report.
I've been testing barcode font called Libre BARCODE 39 in MS Word, but each digit look exactly the same, and the stripes has the same length not like in barcode EAN-13
Any tips how to achieve it?

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Have you considered using a QR code instead of a bar code? It would allow you to easily link to an external URL like a manufacturer data sheet. It looks like it would be a pretty easy Python script using the qrcode library, or some kind soul could probably whip up a Marionette node. 

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On 4/9/2022 at 6:11 PM, danm01 said:

Turns out the hyperlink tool can generate a QR! You could add that to your symbol in a separate class, like the attached. I had better luck formatting the text below the QR by making it a "convert to group" symbol, but someone else may know how to fix that. 



Thanx @danm01 for Your kind help and advice.
My idea was to make it much easier to use and edit. I wanted to make a base of symbol for a small irrigation design shop. The clue for them is to to have a report that includes EAN-13 bar code in separate column of the raport.
That is why I was wondering about adding to each symbol a record with an EAN-13 number  which could be displayed/printed with barcode font so I could have a table with column full of barcodes.

I'm aware of QR code advantages, but I need barcodes for order lists and that kind of documents.

EDIT: I have installed barcode Libere Barcode EAN13 font but it every digit looks the same.

image.thumb.png.d47db79e95b7d6f3151c256687c18459.pngI have checked with letters in Excel and figured it out that letters form A to T matches numbers from 0 to 9

Does anyone have any experience with that? I can feel that I'm close but sth is still missing.

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further experiments
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