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Spacebar to pan

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you tab out and back in to the application does it sometimes restore functionality and sometimes not?

Does restarting the machine always fix it?

Are other modifier keys not working either? Like holding down shift to click more objects, adding them to the selection, or alt/ctrl to duplicate while clicking and dragging?

What other applications are you running? If Vectorworks is just running by itself does the same problem happen?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Applications on OS X can effectively call dibs on a particular hotkey or set of hotkeys. They are supposed to relinquish it (or ask for it back) when the user switches between active applications, but sometimes this gets stuck.

On a few occasions it has been a problem on our end that we were able to patch and on others it has been an issue with the developer of the other software. I'll have this one checked just in case.

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Is this something you've heard of happening in Windows XP/7/8 as well?

I occasionally (once every few weeks, maybe) have my clipboard stop working with text correctly within VectorWorks, and I have sometimes had trouble kicking it loose short of logging off or rebooting. I've wondered if it was system-related, VW-related, and/or related to other programs we use commonly in the office (Firefox & OpenOffice, chiefly).

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Chiming in here.. I have the same issue: the using the space-bar to boomerang to the pan tool randomly stops working.

FYI I just updated to SP4 and the issue still exists.

Restarting always works to restore the function, quitting Safari always works (so far).

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I find that with the left hand doing many hot-key combos, that spacebar (with the left thumb) + mousing more ergonomic in that it just requires less effort in the mousing hand.. might be a subtle difference, but it's more comfortable to me..

also, I have my middle mouse button mapped to spaces and mission control..

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Spacebar, Command, Option no longer zooming in or out and really slowing down my work flow.

I rely on this hugely to work fast and efficiently. Any ideas.  Its not safari as i dont have it open...and dont seem to have any other conflict.

I used:

Spacebar - Pan

Spacebar , Command to zoom in

Spacebar, Command, Option to zoom out.

This was what i was always using but found it only worked on some workstations....

I have upgraded  to Mojav an also my wacom tablet to the latest intuos and wondered if this would be the problem, however i am desperate to find a solution so i am able to use these hotkeys again.

Please help...its frustrating not being able to use something  when you have spent years and years using it that way..feel a little lost.


Please help





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