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Mac OS Yosemite seems to have broken printing on VW 2013

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I recently installed the new Yosemite OS on my Mac Pro and now I am no longer able to print. Whenever I try to print, the print dialog box pops up, like it's supposed to, it then stalls for a little after I click "print" and then after several seconds, a crash log pops up that says"cgpdftops quit unexpectedly". Nothing gets printed. I have been having to create a PDF and then print the PDF as a work around.

Is anyone else having this problem and know of a way to fix it?

I'm using Vectorworks 2013.

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Something similar here. Our equipment is as follows:

* HP Designjet 4000ps and 800ps plotters

* Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10

* VectorWorks 2013

Our printing problems are:

* Mac OS X 10.8: some drawings from some computers do not print completely, but just an A4 or A3 crop. I have yet to find the reason for that, since the same drawings print fine elsewhere and the same computers can print other drawings correctly. This is a recent problem, in the beginning the OS worked like a charm when printing.

* Mac OS X 10.9: VectorWorks does not recognize the landscape orientation in custom size papers. It prints fine with portrait oriented drawings, though. Nothing we can do about that. Other software works perfectly in all cases.

* Mac OS X 10.10 VectorWorks: we get the "cgpdftops quit unexpectedly/filter failed" error anytime we try to print some drawing wider than the paper roll on the plotters (42"). As long as we respect that, we can print anything. The situation is therefore similar than with Mac OS X 10.9, only than now we get an error instead of a wrong print.

* Mac OS X 10.10 PDF printing: from Acrobat the precision is not amazing but we have no trouble other than that. From Preview, on the other hand, everything works fine regardless of orientation and the precision is as expected.

Any advice is more than welcome,


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You may encounter many issues with the 800PS specifically. They were only supported in OS X 10.7 and a few versions earlier, since theyre now discontinued they have not had their drivers updated for 10.8 or later at all, so unfortunately it may be a lost cause.

For the 4000, you may want to check that the firmware has been updated fully:


However, it too looks like it hasn't had any drivers made for 10.8 or later, it may be being discontinued by HP soon as well.

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