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Section line "show instances" not showing on design layer


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I have section line markers not showing on design layer ... "show instances" is checked on, all class layer visibility is correct.

It does not show up in the viewport on the sheet layer, but it is there on the design layer as it should be.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I have a section viewport from a building model on a sheet layer in vw2014:sp4.

When I ask it to "show instances" in the plan viewport annotations it works fine.

However, I like to have a design layer that has grids and section markers, so they only show there, rather than being an annotation in every plan viewport.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

With the section viewport selected, near the bottom of the Object Info palette there is a button for "Section Line Instances" where you have to enable the design layers that the instances will be shown on. Is the appropriate layer enabled there?

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Yes, I I clicked on "section instances", checked the correct layer, clicked on "activate" - the "section instances" marker shows on the design layer, but it does not show in the viewport, even though that layer and class of the section marker is correctly turned on.

Would you like a copy of the file to view? If so how best to upload it? Thanks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sorry, to clarify, you enabled the Design Layers to make it show on the Design layers, then in that same dialogue that lets you changed which Design Layers it shows on, you click the tab at the top and selected the Viewports you wanted to display it on as well?

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OK - got it!

That seems a bit cumbersome, seems like I am having to do a task twice.

I was thinking that if I have it show on a plan design layer, then it should be able to show in a plan viewport of that same plan [provided the right classes and layers are on], but in fact I also have to click to tell it to show in the annotation of that plan viewport.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Agreed, apparently there are instances where you would not want it on the viewport, but would want it on the design layer and class visibilities don't resolve it.

It was a feature request for awhile to have them separated as they are now, but I am not aware of what circumstances it is used in that manner for. It may have been a different localization standard that needed to be met.

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Not sure how classes would not resolve it, as I can easily make the section markers on a class of my choosing, or they could be given a default class, such as "section markers" in the way that a dimension has its own "dimension" class.

Anyway Jim, thanks for the explanation.

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