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make 2d re-shape tool compatible with rectangle tool



I often use the 2d re-shape tool if I have several objects that I want to move or extend in one command ... I marquee the pieces to move and use 2D re-shape.

In that case any rectangles are changed by VW to polygons, which is annoying.

Retaining it as a rectangle is so much more useful to me than it being a 4 side polygon because a rectangle when rotated still shows the actual width and length of the sides of the rectangle and the degree of rotation. The polygon does not.

So my Wish List requests for the rectangle are:

1] if the 2D re-shape tool is used on a rectangle, VW keeps it as a rectangle and does not change it to a polygon.

2] improve the rectangle to have the option to have a "hide / show edges" mode, like you can with a polygon.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you reshape a Rectangle with the Reshape tool in a manner that leaves it still fitting the definition of a Rectangle, it will still be a Rectangle.

If you reshape it such that it no longer has 4 straight sides and 4 right angles, then it cannot be a rectangle any longer fundamentally. If it leaves that state, a "Width" is no longer really true, the best it can do is give you the overall width of the object from the furthest two points in X or Y, which are listed in the Object Info Palette already.

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I have vw2014:sp4 and it does not stay a rectangle in my file.

I open a blank file > draw rectangle > 2d reshape tool to grab the right side > move it horizontally > VW redefines it is Object Info as a "polygon".

The shape is still a rectangle as the two pairs of opposite sides are still the same length.

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