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Attributes By Class Keyboard Shortcut

Andy Broomell


I would like the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut to the "Make All Attributes By Class" option of the flyout in the bottom of the Attributes palette. I use class attributes quite a bit and find myself using this command often. A lot of time would be saved if I could quickly hit a key command instead of navigating to this tiny flyout button and clicking on the command every time.

(While I use "Make All Attributes By Class" the most, I assume the ability to add keyboard shortcuts would extend to the other options in that flyout as well.)


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Nope. They've even completely revamped the UI in that time, but this wasn't addressed. The only change was that those four commands were moved to a new "hamburger" menu at the top of the Attributes Palette instead of it being a triangle flyout at the bottom of the palette. Sadly it's now closer to the "?" help button which I accidentally click about once a day.


I'd still love to be able to assign a keyboard shortcut to the "Make All Attributes By Class" command since I use it dozens of times a day. All they'd have to do is add these four Attributes Palette commands to the regular menu system somewhere, in which case the existing workspace editor could be used to add a shortcut.

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The script above can be added as a menu command and will reset the basic drawing environment to draw all by class but oddly doesn't trigger the interface to update to reflect the changes it makes. until you click back on the drawing area. 



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