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Import sheet layers with objects


I would like to be able to set up a load of drawing sheets with drawing borders, logos etc all inserted. Save the file as a stationary file in the workgroup default content folder and then use them to create new drawings with borders all set up and ready to go from the "new sheet layer" option in the layers drop down menu. Currently only the page setup is imported, not the items drawn on the sheet layer.

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Bumping this rather than creating a new wish. There are a few other wishes related to this as well.


I should be able to import a sheet layer from an existing file and bring across the title blocks etc.. I sort of understand why you can't bring viewports across but the other elements are just objects....


I would also like to have the option to choose from other open files rather than having to navigate to a specific file path.




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Vectorworks really needs to attend to this wish! There are a number of threads wanting the same or similar functionality.


Currently the Import Sheet Layer command is useless as it only brings in an empty page. You could use it for different Sheet Layer page set ups from a template file but that is it.


As I move more into a 3d workflow, more and more of the information in my drawings is on sheet layers. Much is within VP annotations, but also a lot of notes, worksheets, north points, etc are placed directly onto sheet layers. I want to be able to transfer this info easily from file to file.


As this info can't be imported with a sheet layer it makes it difficult to set up sheet layers in template files and bring in additional layers as needed from a standard library file (as we do with design layers).


The dialogue box for the Import Sheet Layer command could really do with some love. This is how I would like to see it:

  • List Sheet Numbers, (not outdated "Layer Names")
  • List Sheet Title
  • Layer description is ok but who uses this?
  • Checkbox to show layers already in the current document
  • Checkboxes to include viewports, titleblocks, other objects

Other options could be:

  • import sheet layer overrides.
  • import visible classes / design layers.





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