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Google search or VW Forum search?

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Just curious. Does everybody else have trouble finding anything in this forum? I searched for "color palette" (without the quotes) and got 80+ pages of random, unrelated results.

And then I googled "Vectorworks color palette" (without quotes) and I got lots of useful results.

Not meaning to be a grouch, but isn't it time to update the forum?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The search on our forums is not useful. It will be fixed but most likely not until the forums are completely upgraded.

For the time being, the best option is to enter this string into a google search first:


Then, your search results will ONLY come from this forum. These results are much more robust and relevant at the moment than the built-in search.

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If you search the forum for color palette

It will show all threads containing either color and/or palette.

If a thread is about object info palette you will find that too.

If you search the forum for "color palette"

It will show only threads containing color palette what works quite well.

Google will give you results according to your profile.

In 95% Google will know what you want to expect but it may hide some

results because it think that you are not interested :)

Also it may find an answer outside of this forum.

I'm quite happy with the way the forum search works but it needs

carefully chosen search input.

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