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Using mesh as cutting plane


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Long story short, I need to do a video flythrough of a model I have been working on, but with a full Google Earth environment. Let me preface this by saying that Sketchup will not export KMZ or KML files on my machine, and I'm not quite sure why (I have a request in with their tech support). Now, if I didn't live in Pittsburgh, and have to deal with hills, then a standard export from VW should work smoothly. However, GE interprets the bottom extents of the model as what rests on the ground. This means that unless I perfectly match the terrain, my model appears to be "melted" over the terrain.

I have imported the terrain data from GE as a mesh into VW, and that much has worked fine. Now what I need to do, is use that mesh to cut the bottom chunk off of my model. I have posted a screenshot for clarification. What is the proper command to use this as the cutting plane?

If VW can't do it, I can always reinstall AutoCAD and do it that way, but it would be really nice to know how to do this in VW.



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