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I am creating a dialog with DB6 and my Object Information Palette has been turned off.

How do I get it back? There is no Palette Menu in the DB6 Workspace, therefore Command "I" does not work. I also tried adding the "Activate Object Info Palette" command to the workspace but it is greyed out in the document menu.

I tried switching to a different workspace and making the OIP visible, but it disappears when I go back to the DB6 workspace. I have restarted Vetorworks and I have restarted my Mac, still not Object Info Palette.

I do not know what the "Show Layout Properties" command is in DB6, as every time I choose it, Vectorworks crashes.

You need the Object Info Palette to create your Layout, so why is it not available?

Is there something I am missing?

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O.K. I was working in VW 2013 when this problem occurred. I reopened the file in VW2014 and DB6 seems to be working, and the OIP is there.

But I will be sure not to close the Object Info Palette since there is no way to bring it back once you close it. This seems like a really bad "feature".

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The DB6 workspace is stripped down version of the workspace containing only the necessary tools for dialog builder. You should be able to go the the workspace editor and add any missing items.

I usually add the DB6 plug-ins to an existing workspace so I don't have to switch workspaces as often.

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I just added the "Standard Palettes" item to my workspace and now have the OIP functionality again. Do not know why I could not find that yesterday.

Another question, what is the Debug menu that appears in the DB6 workspace after installing? It has only one item under it "Function Reference", but selecting it just brings up the open dialog. Can this be directed to a Function Reference file that would open when chosen?

It seems to be looking for a .xml file, but the function reference in the VW folder is an html document, so it will not open.

Is there any documentation on how to use this menu?

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Dialog Builder comes in a bundle that includes some general developer tools. The VS xml happens to exist in the SDK, which you can download separately. Once a version of Vectorworks is released, however, any useful information in the xml file will be available via delveloper.nemetschek.net, and will be easier to browse and read.



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