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Is it possible to control the Resources Browser window display? When I open a file I always see the line types displayed in full. Is it possible to open the RB and see all categories collapsed? Also, the open recent file pull down rarely shows the file opened recently, is this a setting or lack of cognitive ability, I know I'm running on minimal RAM?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You should be able to collapse the categories in the resource browser, then close Vectorworks normally, they will then remain this way unless you expand them again.

Recent Files will reset to a previous state if Vectorworks crashes or is force closed, is this the case on your machine?

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Thanks Jim but the resource browser always opens with the line types open and the recent files don't show even when the machine is shut down normally after quitting the application. Oddly, this is not always the case, on occasion the recent files will show correctly. I'll pay closer attention to it.

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