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Rotated Top/Plan View Page Boundary

Vincent C


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The reason this doesn't occur is that Rotated Plan is considered to be a temporary modeling view and that if you wanted the objects oriented another direction constantly, you would simply rotate the entire drawing directly.

Where does this workflow break down? What are the pain points of fully rotating an entire model as opposed to using rotated plan?

I'm not asking because I think there are none, I just want to get a good idea of what users are expecting rotated plan to be used for/capable of. There are many issues with it currently, a lot of tools and commands do not function in a rotated plan view, for instance.

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Well to be honest I haven't thought about it so much just happened upon this today where I have a rotated VP of a referenced dwg siteplan created especially to be printed on A4 size paper at a certain scale however because it was rotated I couldn't print it like that because when I temporarily rotated Top/Plan the page boundary also rotated. I ended up having to rotate the site VP to match the page boundary, but that is hairy because the site plan was rotated and positioned (and locked) exactly to match my building and I definitely want to avoid fiddle with it's position and rotation.

If the page boundary would stay unrotated in screen you have greater freedom to print in DLs, eg if you want to print things in unrotated view you currently can but you can't temporarily rotate plan to fit the page boundary in situations like the above, i can't really see any disadvantages with this added functionality?! Anyone?

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Ok I think this is related.


I have a 2d plan that is a combination of imported PDFs and elements drawn on top of them in vector works. It if the floor plan on a house and part of the house is at about a 15deg angle relative to the main part of the building. I am trying to print out floor plans for each individual room by changing the layer scale so each room fits nicely on an 8.5"x11" page. everything was fine until I got to the portion of the house that is at a different angle. When I was working on this part of the drawing I would just rotate the plane view so that section would square up to my screen but when I do that the page boundary also rotates. I am looking for a way to print out the rooms in this angled portion of the house so they sit square on the page. Is there a way to either rotate the page boundary relative to the drawing or rotate the plan view while keeping the print boundary aligned to my screen. Or is there another way I should go about doing this ideally without modifying the drawing by rotating everything relative to the drawing plane. That would just leave the main part of the house at the wrong angle and I would be worried that if I had to go back and fourth to reprint anything latter or make changes that some of the geometry might not get selected and get left behind.

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