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room name simple


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I want to use room name simple [don't need all the features of space tool].

The box for room number shows with colour fill.

The class it is assigned to is a "no fill" class. See screenshot.

I can't find a way to get rid of the fill colour - anyone have any ideas?

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I can't get a room name object into the state you are seeing.

This is a long shot, but there used to be an issue (maybe still is?) with the spotlight ganging object and the callout object getting an attribute "stuck".

The fix for those was:

1. Select nothing. Make sure the OIP says "No Selection"

2. Set the attribute palette to the settings you wish the stuck object had.

3. Tools > Utilities > Reset All Plug Ins. Accept the ominous warning.

If that doesn't work, it might be interesting to copy a stuck room name simple object and explode the copy (Modify > Convert > Convert to Goup)

You will end up with a group with two text objects. What are the class assignments of those objects and are all the attributes of those objects by class?



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Thanks M+M [mike + mitch] for your help.

I am on OS 10.9.5 although the file started in 10.6.8, having recently updated.

The "reset all plug-ins" option had no effect.

The "explode" idea was good to find out what was inside the plug-in.

Its room number box was on the correct class but somehow not assigned the class attribute for fill.

So I made a fresh "room simple" in a new clean file and copied that into the problem file. I can force "no fill" on the room name text, but the room number box has a white fill by default. It will not change to "no fill", but white I can work with.

Also of note, using the eye-dropper and copying the "clean" room simple tool, worked with the bucket tool to change a wrongly coloured version to white fill.

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