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"Open" Revision Cloud



It would be quite helpful to have the revision cloud tool function similar to the polygon tool, in that it could have one side left open. I seem to remember that this was possible in an older (ancient?) version of MiniCad or VW, but it was lost along the way. Allowing for show or hide edge modes in a revision cloud would also work.


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This feature would be great for rectangles too.

I have never understood why you have to change a rectangle to a polygon to be able to show an "open" side to a rectangle.

Similarly a rectangle must change to a polygon if you wish to use the 2d re-shape tool.

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Peter - my intent is not to "remove a side".

I refer to the "hide / show edges" mode of the 2D re-shape tool. The edge is still there, just invisible. It is still a rectangle.

A rectangle is so much more useful to me than it being a 4 side polygon because a rectangle when rotated still shows the actual width and length of the sides of the rectangle and the degree of rotation. The polygon does not.

I often use the 2d re-shape tool if I have several objects that I want to move or extend in one command ... I marquee the pieces to move and use 2D re-shape.

In that case any rectangles are changed by VW to polygons, which is annoying.

So my Wish List requests for the rectangle are:

1] improve the rectangle to have the option to have a "hide / show edges" mode.

2] if the 2D re-shape tool is used on a rectangle, VW keeps it as a rectangle and does not change it to a polygon.

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@EggFarkArch I know this is an old post, but I recently tried to tackle the same issue.  We typically draw clumps of trees and forests on our site plan using the cloud tool.  I ended up creating a custom line which works pretty well.  The arcs don't meet perfectly at vertexes, but it works well enough for our use.  The arcs are mapped to a polygon (polyline), so you can hide or show any of the edges.


I'll include a file with the "Cloud" style line in case it's useful to anyone.






Cloud-Custom Line.vwx

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@E|FA Yes, it's definitely a work around. 


Adding to your wishlist item.


The REVISION TOOL default attributes for the cloud won't change and appear to be locked in.  They can only be changed manually for each object after creation.

Billow Size, Variability & Height settings won't change when using the eyedropper tool to 'set defaults'.

You can't set a plug-in style for this tool.  Symbols won't work, etc.  That needs to be fixed.


Similarly, I tried the REDLINE TOOL and Cloud settings can't be specified.  IMHO the default billow size is too large for encircling small to medium sized items.

The Billow size, variability, etc of the Revision tool should be included in the settings for the Redline tool.


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