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J. Miller

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It seems a handful of deprecated functions and procedures has caught up to me now. Is there a sample script around that will show me the correct syntax to load the standard images for a list browser using "AddListBrowserImage". I'm looking for the basic images, "check", "blank", etc.

Any help would be appreciated


Jeff Miller

VW2015 64 bit as soon as I get the bugs worked out of my scripts.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For the benefit of everyone else your question was answered on the mailing list so I'm re-posting it here.

Here's what I am using now for check marks:

listBrowser5Img1 := AddListBrowserImage(gDialog1, 5, 'Vectorworks/Images/Standard Images/Checkmark.png');

listBrowser5Img2 := AddListBrowserImage(gDialog1, 5, 'Vectorworks/Images/Standard Images/Blank.png');

These are in the standard Vw installation (IP Resources is defunct). Then I call:

n := InsertLBColumnDataItem(gDialog1, 5, 0, 'True', listBrowser5Img1, -1, 0);

n := InsertLBColumnDataItem(gDialog1, 5, 0, 'False', listBrowser5Img2, -1, 0);

The first loads a check mark. The second is a blank when it is unchecked.

Hope this helps.

Julian Carr

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