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Zoom Extents in AutoCAD using file exported from VectorWorks



I am experiencing an issue with some of my AutoCAD exports from Vectorworks that causes problems for the end use of the .dwg files. "Zoom Extents" is a commonly used tool in AutoCAD to bring everything on screen. Some (not all) of my files exported from VectorWorks go crazy when Zoom Extents is selected in ACAD - all drawing objects disappear and the undo command is the only way to bring the drawing back on screen. Anyone else running into this problem?

We have clients with AutoCAD submittal requirements who are going to give us trouble about this some day - hasn't happened yet, but this problem would annoy me if I were the recipient of these files.

Note: I have searched for objects outside of the drawing area and can't find any outliers.

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I discovered how to solve the problem in AutoCAD, though I don't know how to prevent it in VectorWorks (pre-export) yet. In ACAD, select "Purge" and check the "Purge zero-length geometry and empty text objects" box. Purge All and this problem disappears.

Before someone follows my procedure, they should verify that purging these objects don't erase a drawing item that they need.

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Now that I've been following this procedure for a few months, I can verify that it is a workable solution. Running the "purge" command for my VectorWorks exports in AutoCAD solves the zoom extents problem and I haven't noticed any bad consequences - other than adding a step to my already lengthy export/import procedures.

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