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Pat Stanford

Script to set object Z Heights to Zero

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The following script was requested by a user to move all Space objects, Doors and Windows in a drawing to a height of 0 (zero) relative to the layer they are on.

Procedure SetZHeight;

{Sets the Z Height of all Space Object, Doors and Windows}
{in a drawing to 0 (Zero) relative to the layer they are on}

{Use at your own risk on a copy of any critical data.}
{Do not use while operating heavy equipment}
{All warranties expressed or implied are null and void upon}
{reading this disclaimer}
{May cause dizziness, dry mouth or heat palpitations.}
{Use only under guidance of a physician}

{October 7, 2014}
{© 2014, Coviana, Inc - Pat Stanford pat@coviana.com}
{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}

Procedure SetSpaceZHeight(SSZHand:Handle);

Var		ZHeight: Real;
		OldName: String;
		TempName: String;
	If OldName='none' then OldName:='';



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I do a lot of copy pasting of objects between layers and there is a bug in VW which changes the z height of objects in the process. Before this script I was spending a not insignificant amount of time going into Groups of objects and manually setting everything back to 0!

Absolute gold, thank you Pat.

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