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Attribute / Colour Palette

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you go to Tools > Workspaces and pick an alternate workspace, (if you have another available, Fundamentals users may not) does the same issue occur when you try to switch palettes?

Does the same problem occur after you reboot the machine, launch no programs other than Vectorworks and then then try changing the palette?

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  • 2 weeks later...

In case you still haven't found the answer, maybe if we go through the steps it will strike a chord. I know this sounds pedantic, but maybe your answer is in here somewhere. Just trying to help.

First check the following folder to make sure you have palettes in the right place:

\Applications\Vectorworks 2015\Libraries\Defaults\Color Palettes.

You should have something like 35 .xml files there. If that's good then start a new document and click the fill color in the attribute palette. In the color selection palette, if you don't have the palette choices you want in theclick the tool button in the top right to open the Color Palettes Manager.

If you don't get the list of 35 palettes, then maybe you are pointed to the wrong location.

Then the next question would be whether you have changed the User Folders in the Preferences?

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  • 1 month later...

In case you're still searching....

I had a custom color palette migrating through the upgrades that was not in (Mac) Users\(me)\Library\Application Support\Vectorworks\20xx. Somehow I'd copied and pasted old color palettes in to the new version.... via templates perhaps(?) - not sure how actually since version updates are far enough apart I never seem to remember how I did things.

Anyhow, what I did this last update was find an old file (v2013 in this case) employing the color palette I wanted to bring forward and opened it in the latest version of Vectorworks, thereby updating it. I then accessed the Color Palette Manager via the attributes palette - 'Tools' button (upper right). At the top of the list of color palettes was 'Colors In Active Document'which is the palette I wanted available as a standard but didn't exist as an .xml document anywhere. To correct this I simply selected the 'New' button at the lower left of the Color Palette Manager window bringing up another dialog box asking for colors to populate the new palette. In this dialog box I typed in the name for the new palette and then selected the 'Get' button which brings up yet another dialog box for specific color inputs. Down the left side of this dialog box there is a list of other palettes from which you can import colors. I picked the palette 'Colors In Active Document' (again) which then displayed my sought after color palette on the right side of the dialog box. From there simply 'select all' (I did this by click-dragging the entire color grid displayed) and then selecting 'OK'.

This series of steps created a .xml version of my color palette placed properly in Users\(me)\Library\Application Support\Vectorworks\2015 and made my color palette available to all v15 Vectorworks files.

Now that I've done it 'properly' this time I suspect the simpler migration of the custom .xml document to the new folder will suffice for future updates.

Hopes this helps or you've found another suitable solution,


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