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CreateVPClOvrd working?


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does anybody have experience with 'CreateVPClOvrd'?

I want to create a new vieport with custom class attributes but this seems to do nothing. also after the scipt GetVPClOvrdCount(viewportHandle)=0...

When I use "GetVPClOvrdCount(viewportHandle)" on an manual editted viewport it gives correct results.

CreateVPClOvrd(viewportHandle, '2.3 dragend metselwerk - (1) snede');

SetVPClOvrdFillFore(viewportHandle, '2.3 dragend metselwerk - (1) snede', 65535,0,0);

SetVPClOvrdFillBack(viewportHandle, '2.3 dragend metselwerk - (1) snede', 65535,0,0);

SetVPClOvrdPenFore(viewportHandle, '2.3 dragend metselwerk - (1) snede', 65535,0,0);

SetVPClOvrdPenBack(viewportHandle, '2.3 dragend metselwerk - (1) snede', 65535,0,0);

SetVPClOvrdFillOpty(viewportHandle, '2.3 dragend metselwerk - (1) snede', 50);



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Thanks for the reply,

I just tried what you suggest, doesn't work. Have you ever worked with this commands?


CreateVPClOvrd(viewportHandle, '2.1 beton - (1.1) snede');


SetVPClOvrdFillFore(viewportHandle, '2.1 beton - (1.1) snede', 65534,0,0);


SetVPClOvrdFillBack(viewportHandle, '2.1 beton - (1.1) snede', 65534,0,0);


SetVPClOvrdPenFore(viewportHandle, '2.1 beton - (1.1) snede', 65534,0,0);


SetVPClOvrdPenBack(viewportHandle, '2.1 beton - (1.1) snede', 65534,0,0);


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